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D.Pharma College in Meerut || Shree Ram College Meerut

Shree ram College of Pharmacy is one of the best and top Pharmacy Colleges in Meerut. The institute offers Bachelor Course in Pharmacy and Diploma in Pharmacy. Pharmacy is a medical field involved in the preparation, dispensing and appropriate use of medication meant for treatment purposes. The courses provide the minimum qualification to become a registered pharmacist.

Shree ram is the best D.Pharma college in Meerut. D.Pharma is an undergraduate Diploma Course in the medical field of Pharmacy. The syllabus is approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is the regulatory body of Pharmacy education. There is no specialisation in D.Pharma and the course only provides the basic concepts of pharmaceutical science. The D.Pharm Course covers basic pharmacy education including the application of chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, concepts of biochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology. The programme enables the students to learn about different chemical salts, their application and uses in medicine. The programme holds good value in the pharmaceutical industry.

Although D.Pharm is a diploma programme, there are some good job opportunities that candidates can seek after completing this course. Students Pursuing this course can work as pharmacists at drug store, hospital Pharmacies, home health care, pharmaceutical industries(Medical representatives), government agencies and as a pharmacy lecturer.

Eligibility: D.Pharmacy admission requirements include that applicants must be at least 17 years of age at time of admission, and are required to complete the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or 10+2 exam in the science stream. Required subjects are physics, chemistry and biology or mathematics.