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To carry out any work, first and the foremost thing that play an eminent role is to give a lot of impetus to the “Healthcare Sector”. There are so many types of medical problems that people face, so it becomes very imperative for them to know about the measures that should be taken to curb it permanently. In the traditional days, it was the nurses who used to broadcast to the patients and the relatives about the ways to get well soon. Their role in the medical fraternity can never be undermined. Whenever we go to the hospital, then it is the nurse who interacts with us first and enquires about the reason for coming. The intermingling of nurse with the administration and the doctor plays a very important role, so that the work is carried on smoothly.

Shree ram collefe of Nursing Education has completely understood the gravity of the value of nurses in the society. This is why the A.N.M (A.N.M – Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife) course plays a prominent role in shaping the life of the women.

General Nursing and Midwifery or GNM may be an underestimated career choice for some, its recent popularity rise, however, has given a new dimension as India’s one of the desirous diploma courses for the students wishing to excel themselves in nursing sectors.

The nursing field can lay the foundation for a paradigm shift in your career, leading your future into a rather challenging, intriguing and very humanly healthcare sector. Here, you feel privileged to serve people as a certified nurse practitioner midwife, working with training healthcare staff as a team.

Why Shree Ram for Nursing College in Meerut?

Shree Ram for Nursing Education has been a dignified institute pioneering novelty in the field of nursing education. We started from a modest beginning as an institute for nursing education and is India’s one of the fastest-growing platforms today.

We stake a claim as a brand which has the capacity to shape a seasoned career in nursing field for the aspirants, thanks to our highly qualified, experienced and intelligent team of trainers/staff. They contribute their cumulative efforts in rallying the spirits of the aspirants, encouraging them to excel in the healthcare field by conquering all the hurdles through better training, helpful education and guidance.

Our methods for education and training bear a marked difference from those of the outdated training modules. We pledge into establishing a remarkable and rewarding career scope for everyone wishing enthusiastically to be a part of the nursing sectors with a touch of humanity, compassion, and love.

The objective of Nursing College in Meerut

The objective of comprehensive nursing courses at Shree Ram College of Nursing Education is to educate and train students and shape them into one of the best and resourceful professionals in the field of nursing. We address the most significant requirement of the students, helping them establish as an ambitious nurse prepared to serve the society.

We assist them to deliver definitive values as certified nurse educator, nursing tutor, home care nurse, ICU nurse, staff nurse, healthcare nurse, and community health nurse in various job areas; such as government health schemes, NGOs, nursing homes, private hospital/clinics, government dispensaries, rural health institute etc.